Yesterday the High Court ruled that MPs must be consulted before Article 50 is triggered, beginning our departure from the EU. We’ve been told that this won’t stop Brexit – otherwise known as the democratic will of the British people – from taking place.

The woman who started the High Court case is Gina Miller and – perhaps unsurprisingly – she’s a Remain campaigner and very wealthy philanthropist married to her multi-millionaire husband. Then there’s Tim Farron, the somewhat manic leader of the Liberal Democrats who loves democracy so much that he wants the democratic vote of the British people to be ignored.

In fact, a quick look through Parliament will reveal a heavy pro-Remain bias which isn’t in itself a bad thing; we can all have an opinion. The danger becomes when this bias means that these people feel they have the right to completely disregard the decision because they do not agree with it. Even the man who co-authored Article 50, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, came out today and said that Britain could remain part of the EU even after Article 50 is triggered.

The ruling class, it appears, couldn’t be more out of touch if they tried. Elected by us, they give us a chance to say what we think and then decide that, actually, they don’t want to hear it.

People are becoming disenfranchised, and our ruling elites are carrying on regardless, talking about doing what’s best for the country which just so happens to be the exact opposite of what 51.9% of people voted for.

As Richard Tice, co-chair of Leave Means Leave remarked ,“Our democracy is being damaged by an elite band of people in the legal system…A vote in Parliament is wholly unnecessary, time consuming and betrays the democratic will of the people”.

The voice of those concerned about Brexit proceedings must, of course, be heard, so that that we can work together to get the best possible deal for Britain, but to actively try and stop Article 50 being invoked is disgraceful.

Politicians should be worried. As Conservative MP John Baron reminded us today, “The electorate will rightly punish their elected representatives if they block the decision made by over 17 million people on 23rd June”. If they don’t sort out their priorities, 2020 is going to see a huge remodelling in the House of Commons. Some MPs might want to think about finding an alternative career.

There is, mercifully, something you can do. Regardless of how you voted on 23rd June, I encourage you to look into campaigns such as Spiked magazine’s Invoke Article 50 Now or the cross party movement Change Britain. It’s time for us to stand up and make it very clear that we will not tolerate this shameless filibustering any longer.

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