Our country is a great one; one that strives for unique history, culture, business, authority and entertainment.  Great Britain is a country that is different to others, with its own core values. But, standing in the way of all these great things about this country is, of course, Brexit.  In 2016, the UK voted by a margin of 1.3 million votes to leave the European Union, yet our decision has not been acted on by the incompetent Westminster elite.  All of the parties – the Conservatives, Labour, Change UK, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP – have no clue about Brexit and none of them should be running the negotiations with the European Union.  As Southampton Itchen MP, Royston Smith, told me a couple of weeks ago, “this is like a divorce.”  Yes, he is right, but this has been going on for almost three years.  For me, the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, provides hope for the Brexit people voted for.

A single issue party, it wants to target the Westminster elite and deliver Brexit for definite.  The upcoming European Parliament elections provide hope which we so desperately need.  I think the Brexit Party can make a huge success of Brexit, and with the right people we can succeed outside the European Union.  Nobody necessarily voted for a Brexit deal – they just voted for OUT.  No matter the consequences, Britain can thrive outside the European Union on World Trade Organisation terms.  There is so much scaremongering about no-deal etc., but the truth is: why should we live our lives based on predictions or worst case scenarios? We were always told if we never joined the Euro, adopted the Schengen zone policy, or left the EU, there would be a recession, but instead none of this actually happened.

The Conservatives are lost for ideas.  I am saying this as someone who would vote for them, providing they actually delivered Brexit on time on the 29th March, but that never happened.  There are many other reasons why I am not their biggest fan.  Having said that, Labour is completely clueless and incompetent as it is.  Corbyn’s Socialist Cabinet think they know best, as if they have never done a bad thing in their lives.  They must know by now that Brussels is not going to budge on its proposals and Theresa May’s awful deal.  A customs union and a single market relationship is not Brexit.  Regardless of compromises, people voted to leave, including leaving all the benefits. And yes, it is true not many people knew enough information about these benefits, but their will must be respected and fully carried out.  The main problem is not just the two main parties, but parliament, which is full of Remain-supporting MPs who want nothing more than to betray Brexit voters and act in their own interests rather than that of their constituents. 

Again, because of the picture that Parliament paints of a ‘remainer Brexit’ and in name only, it increases disillusionment in politics and dissuades voters from taking part.  The Brexit Party are right to strongly oppose a second referendum. In the past, I was in favour of one, but I now realise this will only spread disillusionment further.   

The Brexit Party is a populist and anti-establishment party.  It already holds 14 UK seats in the European Parliament out of a possible 78.  The party is expected to win the majority of the UK’s seats with MEPs elected to the parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.  The party is gaining much support with over 100,000 registered supporters. Momentum, in other words, is behind it. 

Their mantra of ‘change politics for good’ shows just how much the political landscape has to change and for it to be a lot fairer.  In summary, a Tory, Labour, or any other party’s version of Brexit is stupid for this country. Making too many concessions with single market and customs union access is not Brexit.  It was difficult enough for us to enter the European Union and now even more difficult to leave, but we must not be afraid of no-deal and instead govern ourselves properly outside all of the European Union’s associations.  Let’s make Britain great again.

21 - Sociology student - Twitter @SamJHammond14 🏳️‍🌈

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