The country is going through a tough time right now – Brexit still dominates our political agenda, when we should have moved on from it in March. The politicians are still fighting and dithering. Nothing has changed. However, on the 12th December, everyone over 18 has the chance to change our country’s pathway. One where we can sort Brexit (properly), invest in the NHS and education, and live as an outward-looking nation.

My opinion on Brexit has been clear from the get-go: we must respect the result of the referendum and leave the European Union on 31st January 2020, no ifs or buts. I was not old enough to vote in the 2016 referendum but I was a devout ‘leaver’ – I wanted nothing more than for our great country to gain its independence from the demoralised, unfit for purpose, undemocratic farce that is the European Union. Don’t get me wrong, I think trade is a big deal – which is why we should have a coherent trade deal between the UK and EU. But fundamentally it is the EU institutions which are at fault.

The choice in the upcoming election is clear. Do you want a far-left, dangerous, terrorist sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn who has been accused of antisemitism running the country? Or would you like a centre-right, more down-to-earth, enthusiastic leader, Boris Johnson, who will get the job done? Well, it is clear which I would prefer. Despite his faults, Boris Johnson is the answer we so desperately need in this country. For too long, politicians have been debating what Brexit looks like, but fundamentally it goes back to the binary choice again – shall we stay or leave the European Union? The 2016 Brexit referendum was meant to solve that; it still has not, and would have never been delivered by the incumbent Parliament, one which was full of remainers, and a degradingly-biased Speaker.

I want to cast your minds back to early 2019 when the Brexit Party was being formed. I had vowed that I would vote Brexit Party in the imminent European Parliament elections –as a protest vote against the decision to extend the Brexit process because Parliament basically did not want to deliver on the referendum result. But, I have learned something about this political movement – the Brexit Party is about one issue, and I do not think it has any chance in the upcoming general election.  

I read the Conservative Party manifesto on Sunday and what I was reading was quite startling. Despite its faults, I will be voting for the Conservative Party on 12th December, because besides just Brexit we need to rebuild this country and bring it back together. Regardless of this though, I want to see lots more investment into education, the NHS and infrastructure. I could never imagine myself voting for Corbyn’s Socialist government of chaos or Jo Swinson’s cancel Brexit stance.

So, the choice at this election is clear. To get Brexit done, invest in the NHS, education, infrastructure and the economy, vote Conservative on 12th December.

21 - Sociology student - Twitter @SamJHammond14 🏳️‍🌈

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