In an era when political debates are toxic, simplified and sensationalised, Backbench provides a space for reasoned arguments and constructive disagreements. 

An antidote to the age of outrage.

What is Backbench?

Founded in 2012, Backbench is the largest open platform current affairs blog in the UK, covering domestic and international affairs.

Who can contribute?

Backbench is broadly tailored for people under the age of 30, but contributions are welcome from people of all ages.

Does Backbench have a political standpoint?

The site is politically unaffiliated. We publish articles from across the political spectrum.

Maheen Behrana

Maheen is based in London and works full-time for a marketing agency. She graduated with a degree in English literature and is a big reader of everything from classic novels to long-form journalism (a favourite!). Maheen is interested in issues surrounding inequality, gender-based violence and education, and is quite an idealistic journalist – she hopes to make some changes in the world through her writing and editing.


Lilian Fawcett
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Lilian lives in London and is a recent graduate from King’s College London. She often writes about feminism, climate change and international politics, and likes to read and cook in her free time.

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Ali Goldman

Ali studies medicine at St George’s, University of London. He closely follows Middle Eastern affairs, and global financial developments. In his leisure time, which he does not have plenty of, he enjoys fishing and engaging in theological debates until the small hours, though he has never tried both at the same time.

Faye Suarez

Faye is currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She’s primarily interested in feminism and social inequality. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and all things beauty and fashion.

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Martha McHardy

Martha is a politics student at Durham Univeristy. She is also an Editor for Meridian Magazine and writes regularly for her student newspaper. In her free time she enjoys reading and taking pictures of her cat, Percy.

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Tom Westgarth

Tom is a philosophy, politics and economics graduate from Warwick University. His main journalistic interests include technology, economics and the effective altruism movement. Tom has been published in outlets ranging from The Daily Telegraph to Tribune Magazine. Besides current affairs, Tom is a podcast nut that also enjoys football, tennis and internet meme culture.

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Eleanor Longman-Rood

Eleanor is a recent Politics (With a Year Abroad) BA graduate from the University of York. After being awarded a place, she spent her exchange year in Canada at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. Her main interests include US electoral politics and Middle Eastern affairs, and she has journalistic endeavours to, one day, write a column.

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Ben Thompson

Ben is a recent Modern History graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is generally interested in writing about social issues and the discourse surrounding freedom of speech. In his spare time, Ben enjoys running and reading.

Violet Daniels

Violet is a recent history graduate from the University of York. She currently works part-time, ahead of starting an MA in Journalism. She likes to write about national politics and areas of social inequality, often with a historical perspective, but is also a big fan of anything literature related.

Sam Bright

Sam founded Backbench in 2012 and has developed an unhealthy fascination with British politics ever since. He studied at the University of York and has pursued a career in political journalism, working predominantly for the BBC.

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Daniel Clark
Deputy Director

Daniel became Deputy Director in February 2020, having been Editor-in-Chief for a year and a half. He is primarily interested in issues of free speech, sex and sexuality, and the so-called ‘culture wars’. In his free time, Daniel enjoys reading, particularly non-fiction, with either a mug of tea or glass of wine alongside him. He will be starting a Masters in Political Theory from September, and describes himself as a Marxist conservative. 

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